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NJMCDirect official website of New Jersey Municipal Court that enables you to make the traffic ticket payment online at www.njmcdirect.com

The motorist or motorcyclist who behaves like a road hog indulging in traffic violation will be issued a traffic ticket (a notice of civil penalty or deduction of points).

NJMCDirect website has been initiated by NJMVC for user comfort without queuing before the New Jersey’s Municipal Court for the traffic ticket payment online. When involved in infringement of traffic laws and regulations and indulge in traffic violation on the road.

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How does NJMCDirect affect ticket payment? From last few years in New jersey , the person who is issued a ticket needs to attend the court and stand in the longer queues. After the arrival of this online website that helps make the court process simpler and more efficient.


As we know that, NJMCDirect website is primarily used for handling unsettled traffic tickets and parking tickets quicker and with less hassle as the other careless driving related offences (moving violation and non-moving violation). According to NJ Municipal Court, other civil recovery proceedings within the territorial jurisdiction of the municipality will be taken into action based on procedure manual.

NJMCDirect website interface
NJMCDirect website
PaymentTraffic Ticket or Time Payment Order Online
Web Addressnjmcdirect.com
TIME5- 10 Minutes

We shall give you a clear and detailed guide to how to make the traffic ticket payment online that makes you feel “It’s not rocket science anymore”.

How To Pay Ticket at NJMCDirect in New Jersey?

When a traffic police officer sent a ticket without stopping the vehicle. So that locating the traffic ticket could be easy. Tracking out is possible only when you’re holding a driver’s license plate number for your automobile. But you need to 3-digit prefix code and Court Identification Number. Then only you have eligibility to proceed to pay ticket.

  • Visit www.njmcdirect.com.
  • Select en español or english based on your preference.
  • You will see 2 options as seen in the below picture.
    • Traffic Ticket
    • Municipal Complaint
You will view 2 options as seen in the below picture.
Traffic Ticket/
Municipal Complaint
  • Next, hover to 1st option and click on it.
  • Then you need get the ticket information by the providing the required details as shown in below picture.

traffic tickets lookup

Requirements To Settle Your Traffic Ticket:

  • Reliable Internet Connection with online payment platform at few minutes.
  • Court Identification Number : Each country have different and unique 4 digit numerical Court ID/Name which could be found the full list from this here. Example: 0114
  • Prefix Code : 3 Digit Prefix Code could entered based on your location which is optional.
  • Traffic Ticket’s No.: It is so simple when you’ve registered driver’s license plate number printed on your driving license. If not, the issuance of paper ticket under the car wiper from the court which was kept under the wiper of your car windshield.
  • Driver’s License Plate Number : You must be holding driver’s License Plate Number of your automobile. If you don’t have it, obtain it from here.

How To Use NJMCDirect For Ticket Payment?

  • Visit www.njmcdirect.com.
  • Registration is not required for ticket payment.
  • Please make sure that you enter
    • Ticket Number (Ex: 0714 E19 274044)
    • Municipal Court ID
    • 3-Digit Prefix Code
    • License Plate Number
  • After entering your Traffic Ticket’s number, you can find out Ticket details.
  • The outstanding payable amount is being displayed.
  • That is Your “Payable Amount” is displayed on the screen.
  • You could use any of these payment service from below listed options.
    • Internet/Online Banking (western union money transfer)
    • Credit/Debit Card
      • Visa
      • Master Card
      • Discover
      • American Express (AMEX)
  • You’ll get a confirmation page once the ticket payment has successfully processed.

The NJMCDirect website charges a fee of 3% for convenience fee for the maintenance purpose.

After your finish the payment, you receive payment receipt stating that ” Your credit card has been charged in the amount of $ XX.XX. and your confirmation number is xxxxxx. Your selected ticket(s) has been paid in full and the court records have been updated. Please print or retain this receipt for your record. If you have questions regarding completing the payment, please contact the municipal court.

Example :

Ticket DefendantOffensePenaltyService FeePayment
0714 E19 274044 _39:4 -138E$54.00$1.62$55.62
Total Payment : $55.62
  • Payment Date : 27/04/2022
  • Confirmation Number : 765739123

Read : Traffic Codes & Fines

Using any of the contactless payment methods that is suitable to traffic ticket payments at the website.

NJMCDirect Operational Timings

On working days, Hours might vary on different days for New Jersey Municipal Court.

Working DayWorking HoursTime Zone
Mon – Thurs4:30AM – 11:15PMEastern Standard Time
Friday4:30AM – 10:15PMEastern Standard Time
Saturday4:30AM – 3:15PMEastern Standard Time
Sunday 1:00PM – 11:15PMEastern Standard Time

Note: “Late payment fee may be a cause additional fee for neglecting or even accidentally forgotten”.

Additional Services

  • Review Motor Vehicle Point System.
  • Raise Voice the Municipal Complaint.
  • Municipal Court Records .
  • Submit the Court Documents (JEDS)

Incredibly Fast : We believe “Time is Money”, the complete process itself saves lots of time. You literally spend only 5-10 minutes only.

Safe and Secure : It is safe and secure which is kept confidential to prevent identity theft, compromise of accounts and systems, legal or reputational damage, and severe consequences. Nobody will access your personal information except law enforcement officials.

Convenience Fee : This Website charges a fee of 3% as a Convenience fee for the of maintenance purpose.

Does Motor Vehicle Points System Work at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission ?

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will add demerit points to your driving records when you are committed even for violation. Demerit Point values varies with violation type, removal of demerit points. Due to Increase of demerit points to your driving records, Traffic violators may face severe consequences. If you receive ticket in case of violation, it stays in record for 5 years, so it’s best to plead guilty as soon as possible.

Further Consequences of Driving Records Services :

  • Six or more than 6 demerit points on your driving records within three years, you need to pay your surcharge of $150, plus $25 for each point beyond six.
  • Having 12 or more demerit points on your driving records at any time will result in the suspension of your driver’s license for 9 months or more.
  • Getting more traffic tickets may lead to higher insurance premium based on the their system known as “insurance eligibility points”.

Get Rid of Existing Demerit Points on your Driving Records

Motor Vehicle Commission ProgramRemoval
Defensive Driving Program 2 points
Driver Improvement or Probationary Driver Program3 Points
One year with no traffic violation or infractions3 points

Note : If you don’t make the traffic ticket payment online or offline, even after distracted or reckless driving or even you may be new driver, check out the deadline for paying ticket on or before the last date.

Plead Not Guilty or Plea guilty For Traffic Violation

Certainly, Pleading guilty means that you admitting the violation traffic violation codes. You can also plead not guilty over E-mail/ Phone. If you decided to plead not guilty to NJ Municipal Court, judgment will be given by Justice of Peace or Judge, that could lead to punishment or a prison sentence. You could to get the ticket fixing can be done through this method. You could also write use steps while writing plead guilty mail to negotiate it down.

Email : Disputeticket@jcnj.org

  • Explain your consequence you’re in while you’re involved in violation.
  • Mention the Weather condition if it is the bad weather or you don’t have any choice.
  • Absence of traffic or Lack of speed limit sign boards.
  • Take advantage of your historical clean Driving Record for express your honesty.
Different Plea BargainsPointsPenalty
Obstructing or Delaying Traffic0$100
Unsafe Operation of Motor Vehicle0$400

Can’t Find out NJ ticket? – NJ Ticket Lookup

Just use NJMCDirect website to quickly get all the required information about your ticket through online. If not, the customer service team is available to help with any technical issues or problems you may be having. They can also provide support if the website is down or NJMCDirect website not working properly. In addition, they can answer any questions you may have about using the site or your account. So please Contact them if you need any assistance.

Customer Service TeamContacts
Phone Number(973) 284 4945, (609) 259-3522
Fax (973) 284 4914
Office addressMunicipal Court, NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd Floor, 228 Chesnutt Street
Office HoursMON – FRI 9:30AM – 3:30PM

The NJMCDirect website is primarily used for handling unsettled traffic tickets and parking tickets quicker and with less hassle as the other careless driving related offences (moving violation and non-moving violation) . Please leave your valuable comment or query, we do respond as quick as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to pay a traffic ticket using driver’s license without the actual ticket?

To pay a traffic ticket using driver’s license, Please Follow above steps.

Do the NJ Courts need your summon number for virtual court?

Yes…!! Even though its physical court or virtual, summons is mandatory to use it on website

Can a visitor to USA with speeding tickets be punished?

Even though you’re a New Jersey resident or non-resident of USA, you’ll get the ticket for the violation.

Can I do the NJ Traffic Ticket payment in cash?

Yes..!! You can recompense the traffic fines directly in cheque or money order if you do not choose to finish the payment.

Do you need your driver’s license to re- pay the NJ ticket ?

Yes..!! Definitely license number is required to make the traffic ticket payments.

How do you respond to the corresponding judge when asks you how do you plead or fight speeding ticket?

We suggest you to explain the consequences caused for violation, whether its a pay nj parking ticket explain the situation why you had parked the vehicle over there. If its speeding ticket, explain the situation for speeding or why you had to rush in case any emergency or other.

Can you transfer flashing the traffic tickets to another person if you was not driving?

Even though you are driving or not, the person who had done vehicle registration in State of New Jersey will receive the ticket, if indulged in road violation as it can’t be transferable.

Does fighting for traffic ticket, ticket actual price can be reduced or discounted ?

If you plead guilty, the judge (prosecutor) might respect your honesty, you might neither negotiate ticket cost or nor ticket gets dismissed.

Will I need to pay additional tax other than New Jersey ticket?

If you want to pay ticket online, processing fee of 3% is been charged for maintenance purpose.

What if I don’t pay a traffic ticket on time?

If you do not pay a traffic ticket on time, according to New Jersey traffic rules, they might suspend your driver’s license.

Can I pay a traffic ticket with money order?

Yes..!! If you don’t have knowledge on paying it online or you do not wish to pay additional 3% fee, you can prefer to pay a traffic ticket with money order

I lost my traffic ticket ? What should i do now ?

If you can’t locate your traffic ticket, please enter your driver’s license plate number to view the ticket details.

Should I need to make the traffic ticket payment between 10 AM To 3:30 PM ?

Yes..!! During the operating hours only, traffic ticket payment are being accepted at the portal. So please refer the schedule from the above table based on the day you chose to pay.

What are some reasons why someone commit a speeding citation or violation?

There might be many reasons where people involved in traffic violation due to consequences they face in real life.

True or false collisions and traffic violations will impact your insurance rates ?

Traffic Tickets are imposed based on the occurred violation only, as that will surely impact the insurance rate.

I had done my traffic ticket payment? But unfortunately my license has been suspended ?

NJ has longer statutory limitations of 30 days to pay a traffic ticket, if you don’t pay ticket online in certain time period, license suspense might happen.

Can I pay 2 traffic tickets can be paid at one to the Municipal Court or not ?

On NJMCDirect, multiple traffic tickets can be paid at once.

Could I pay a traffic ticket from if I have no license or don’t drive?

You don’t pay a traffic ticket if you do not have license or don’t drive in , but if you had driven the vehicle without license its a serious offence.

Is the Speeding ticket is charged based on the age of the driver ?

No ..!! You need be at-least 18 years to get the driver’s license. No change in ticket cost based on the age of the driver.

Can you get 2 speeding tickets within a 1 mile radius of each other?

You might have committed to multiple violations in shorter distance. Please follow the rules and regulations carefully while driving in the traffic.

Do the points drop when I pay the ticket in full?

Yes..!! If you had multiple violations, demerit points are added to your licence

How can I find the location and vehicle assigned to a traffic ticket?

On the traffic citation itself, you may find the location when the traffic ticket is assigned and for what violation its been issued.

How many traffic violations at fault accidents are acceptable?

If you had more violations, your are in more risk of getting higher insurance rates.

Where do I find out how much my traffic violation ticket cost?

You can enter your traffic ticket number on t to check the complete of traffic ticket details.

What if my driver’s license is from another state ?

Consequences for out-of-state drivers would be same, even you live in the State or not.

What if police ask me to search or exit the vehicle ?

Be polite, Show your documents and Co-operate with police by answering the questions honestly asked by the officials.

Do Traffic Tickets expire in NJ?

No, Statutory Limitations will be 30 days, but postponement is possible on request.

Will I receive any email confirmation after the traffic ticket payment in new jersey?

Soon after you complete the payment online, receipt will be dropped to your email address.

Is it worth to dispute parking ticket ?

Yes! Disputing a parking infraction is worth that doesn’t take cost you time. Even if you’re at fault, there is a chance that New Jersey Courts will lower fines if you dispute your ticket

I had found different date on Ticket & Online ?

Some times the court date might differ in very least conditions, Get -in-touch with Clerks Office or CONTACT Call Center: 201-209-6700

Will I get a ticket for my expired vehicle registration ?

Yes..!! We Suggest you to go for Vehicle Registration Renewals whenever expired.

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