Most common traffic violations [Offences and Charges ]

New Jersey statutes write the laws of the road and the penalities or the fines or the traffic ticket fees for a violation that is based on the degree of the offense that occurred. The New Jersey point system dedicates a specific number of points, on each of the offenses, with an increase in the penalties, the total points also increase. Points are basically given on the moving violations, as compared to non-moving violations, that is the illegal parking.

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Here are a few examples like , What is NJMCDIRECT OFFICIAL WEBSITE ? types of traffic violations, and their corresponding points are also included below table-

  • Failure to yield to a pedestrian, you are charged with 2 points
  • Failing to obey the direction of an officer, this will bring you 2 points on your license
  • Driving on the wrong lane, on a one way, for this, 2 points are imposed
  • Improper Passing get you 4 points on your license plate
  • Reckless driving, Traffic ticket with 5 points are issued
  • If you are racing on the highway, 5 points are imposed by the traffic officier.

Penalties for Traffic Offenses

When you reach 12 points, the state will order to suspend your license. Also, each year if you are driving without getting any traffic ticket, We will discuss different types of tickets that any road hog indulge in traffic violation then this point is gradually reduced. You can reduce three points from your record. Another way to reduce your traffic ticket points is through the New Jersey driving course. These will also help you to reduce your points in total by two every five years.

If you are near to the limit of 12 points you may register for the course, this will save you from the suspension of the driving license possibility. Penalties are not only in form of points for traffic violations. Most of the results are in form of fines, and this can be as low as $50 or can go up to several thousand dollars, that depends on the degree of the offense, and on your driving history. Furthermore, your vehicle insurance rates also increase with the traffic offense. this happens because insurance companies see the penalized drivers as a risk.


For serious traffic offense, one with a higher number of minor offenses, the state impose a surcharge. This can be a one-time fee or an annual payment. when you are penalized with more than six points in a given period of three years times, one has to face a $150 surcharge along with the plus additional of $25 for each point after crossing the six points. This can result in an annual payment of the given amount for the next three years.

Other situations, that will result in a three-year surcharge includes the circumstances such as –

  • Driving without a license
  • Driving with expired license
  • This will cost you $100 per year
  • The First or the second DWI will be $1000 per year
  • Third DWI within the three years for your last offense includes the fines of $1500 per year
  • If refusing to take the test to measure the blood alcohol level,
  • This will cost you $1,000 per year

Other Additional Services

They offers few other additional services like

  • Review Motor Vehicle Point System.
  • Plead guilty mail to Municipal Court.
  • Raise Voice the Municipal Complaint.
  • Look up License Plate Number
  • Submit the Court Documents (JEDS)

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